Who we are

Chedabucto Aggregates Limited is a private company registered in Nova Scotia, Canada engaged in the blasting, crushing, and screening of bedrock into a number of aggregate stone products.

Where we are

The quarry is located on four acres of private land in Half Way Cove, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada. A private gravel road leads from Highway 16 on the south shore or Chedabucto Bay. The quarry located at the height of land and offers an incredible view of the bay and the unspoiled surrounding area from the Shire Town of Guysborough to Cape Breton Island.

Large Rock Gravel Resource
Crushed Rock Stores
Horizontal Layering

What we produce

After the bedrock is blasted and crushed, a screening operation sorts the broken rock by size and then is piled for sale to customers. Some of the blasted rock is washed to remove dirt and sand to create a clean product.

Commercial contractors use gravel aggregate as fill to improve land elevations, build roadbeds and shoulders, and asphalt pavement. Individual consumers and small commercial enterprises use aggregate for private roadways, landfill, building foundations, erosion protection from water and runoff, and septic tank and water systems.

Rock Resource

On a regular basis we need to blast new rock so here is a little taste of what one normally does not get to see (for safety reasons).

"The Bedrock of Your Project"