Gravel and sand crushed by Chedabucto Aggregates are sold by tones. The aggregate is normally transported by dump trucks or belly dump trucks that are hired locally. A dump truck can carry 15 tonne of material and a belly dump 30 tonne.


Current Pricing (Taxes are additional. Net 30 days)

Clear Stone – washed aggregates (all sizes) - $11.00 per tonne

Clear Stone sizes: 1/2 in., 3/4 in., 1 to 2 in, 2 to 4 in - $11.00 per tonne

Drainage Rock sizes: 1/8" to 3/8" - $18.00 per tonne

Drainage Rock sizes: 1/4" to 1 1/8" - $11.00 per tonne

Armour Rock - $10.00 per tonne

Shot Rock - $8.75 per tonne

Environmental Rock 4in. to 6in. - $11.00 per tonne

Sand - Traction and Crusher Dust - $10.00 per tonne

Sand - Sewer - $15.00 per tonne

Type 1 Gravel - $10.00 per tonne

Type 2 Gravel - $10.00 per tonne


Pricing is in effect as of Feb 1 2019.

Please contact Jeff George at 902-867-7749 for price confirmation for contract pricing and other products.


Chedabucto Aggregates have a registered scale to weigh all aggregate sold to its customers. This scale has the advantage of charging customers a price for the actual weight of the aggregate purchased and truckers can use the weight for their billing. It is also used for calculation of the volume of material necessary for filling a particular space. Large contractors have sophisticated equipment to measure the volume of fill needed for a job and can calculated progress by accumulating the weight of material delivered.

Calculating your needs

Refer to Measuring your Jobs for information on calculated the amount of aggregate required for your job(s).

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